Activities at BRT Vasind

Swim in the river, spend time kayaking or try your hand at fishing! You could also trek to the Mahuli mountains.
The mountain is calling !
Take a hike!

Located 2 hours away from Mumbai, and 30 mins away from our Vasind campground, the Mahuli mountains are an ideal location for those looking for a challenging trek. The cool & breezy tops with a bird’s eye view from the 2000 ft. mountains are all part of an memorable experience.
You start your trek early in the morning after a quick breakfast at the campground, make sure you have a medical kit and some light snacks packed to refill your energy after the climb to the top. Take short breaks on your trek, & for those who cannot trek all the way, we can take a short trek up the mountain and back.
On reaching the top one can visit the Mahuli fort that was part of Shahaji and Shivaji’s dynasty. Make sure you carry adequate water for you to reach the top! You can then refill them from the fort above.

DURATION: 6 Hours (To & fro)
CHARGES: Rs.500(Guide) + Additional for transportation.

To know more about the Vasind campground kindly click here

After this long, strenuous yet exciting trek, you return back to our campground where hot lunch would be waiting for you!


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