Summer Camping with BIG RED TENT

Its Summer time and what better way to enjoy it than spending it outdoors, camping! Laze around in the shade, challenge your friends with board games, go for a swim or simply lie down in a hammock and day dream. There’s so much fun to be had! And savor in your nights with a scrumptious BBQ meal under the clear, starry sky. Rest assured, you’ll be taking home unforgettable summer memories!

Here’s how you can prepare for Summer Camping.

  • Right Scheduling: The first and foremost thing to keep in mind while camping is reaching the BRT campgrounds at the requested check-in time. The check-in times are scheduled in such a way that it insures you don’t face the blazing afternoon heat while also not missing out on the activities before sundown.
  • Location: Location is everything when you’re camping in the summer. Big Red Tent has various campgrounds around Mumbai that have various natural landscapes., be it by the river or on top of a hill. You can check them out on our website and select the one you love the best!
  • Have fun in water: Water based activities are best enjoyed in the summer. Not only do they cool down the body temperature but are also fun at the same time! Go for a swim or even indulge in water based activities like kayaking, rafting if you’re feeling adventurous. You can also have fun with sprinklers or sprayers.
  • Activities in the shade: When going camping during summer, spend your time doing activities that require less energy and can be done in the shade like reading or playing board or card games with your group or listening or playing soft, acoustic music.
  • Clothing: During summer, it is best to stick to light colored cotton or linen clothing materials that is breathable and reflects back heat.
  • Sun protection: Carry and wear your sunscreen right to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays at all times. At the same time, make sure you carry bug repellent products, too.
  • Hydrate: We tend to lose a lot of water as we sweat a lot in the summer season. Keep yourself and your group well hydrated by carrying a lot of non-fizzy, non-alcoholic cool drinks like lemonades, punches, slushies, etc.