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 Big Red Tent is an energetic space. We are not


2 hours from Mumbai – Nashik highway(NH 3) – Kayaking – Easily accessible by local transport – Trekking – Mahuli fort – Fishing – Pet friendly – Child friendly Big Red Tent Vasind is a homely escape just outside the bumbling Mumbai cityscape, at Vasind. The destination is flanked by the Mahuli mountains and the lovely Bhatsai river ambles

Tree Camping

Tree Camping – Riverside camping – Kayaking – Private BBQ     

5 reasons why camping is important for you!

1.Physical benefits Spending time in the outdoors also means your body

Exciting breakfasts you should cook while camping!

1.Campfire breakfast potatoes To view  the recipe click here 2.Cowhorn

How to keep mosquitoes away while camping.

1.Use a Mosquito repellent   2. Throw dried sage into the campfire