We CHEER for those who try their hand at the grill!
For the rest we have a sumptuous barbecue meal under the stars or a locally prepared fare.
Either way we promise a simple healthy outdoor meal!
Simple like camping should be!

MEALS:There are at least three meals that you need to plan for your stay at Big Red Tent. While a simple breakfast is included in the fare, you will want to plan lunch, dinner and an evening snack.All our meals are common across all 4 locations.
For a complete camping experience, we recommend you do your own barbecue and/or a cookout. With a little effort this can be the highlight of your trip! We will give you a grill for your barbecue at an cost of Rs.300 per grill.
If you don’t want to do your own meals, This is what we offer:

  • Morning: A simple breakfast is included with your camping charges which consists of poha, egg burji, bread and butter and tea of course! Available from 9:00am through 10:30 am.
  • Afternoons: Lunch is offered between 1pm to 2:30pm only, which consists of dal, rice, sabji and chicken gravy(for non-vegetarians) along with pickle & papad!
  • Evenings: Tea will be served at 5:00pm.
  • Night: Barbecue is offered in the evenings between 8pm to 10pm. Veg barbecue consist of jacket potatoes, corn (on availability), mushrooms, paneer and grilled vegetables. After the barbecue we serve you a simple meal of dal, rice and salads. Non-veg barbecues have 300g of tandoori chicken per person plus the veg barbecue.