Monsoon Camping with Big Red Tent

While most of us have forgotten what it’s like to be in the outdoors, with the virtual world growing on around us, we at Big Red Tent offer you a taste of living in the outdoors! Camping in the monsoons is a memorable experience where you are surrounded by lush greenery, plenty of waterfalls to visit from and a pleasant weather to relax in your tents with a book or loved ones. You may get dirty, but that’s the fun part of it!


Here’s how you can prepare for Monsoon Camping.

  • Get Wet!: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! Head into the water for a swim, take a shower under a waterfall at Karnala or SH92 or dare to venture into the daunting waters by opting for white water rafting at BRT Kolad or kayaking at Vasind. You’re going to get a little wet anyway- a little more water won’t hurt!
  • Safe Bet: It’s raining, the roads get wet, muddy and slippery. So make sure you’re driving safely when traveling to the campground. Remember we don’t have a strict check in and check out timing, there’s no need to hurry.
  • Entertainment: If it rains heavily, sometimes you’d rather chill by your tent. Board games are available with all our hosts. Also, make sure you bring along that book you have yet to finish or your diary to write and draw in for when the scenery tingles your creative buds.
  • Spare Change: Along with your bag of toiletries, carry a spare change of clothes and towels. Make sure the clothes you carry are lightweight and breathable, you don’t want to end up soaking from the inside due to perspiration.
  • Locked in: Using ziplock bags to make sure the contents of your backpack remain dry is a good idea. Newspapers also come in handy, when you want to clean up your tents but it is necessary  that the garbage is well disposed in the bin.
  • Rain cover: Even though umbrellas can be useful in certain situations, we suggest you carry your individual raincoats and windcheaters that will allow you to move comfortably around the campsite with your hands free.
  • Footwear: You may need your shoes if you decide to go for treks however make sure you carry an extra pair of comfortable footwear (crocs, floaters etc.) for when you want to relax around the campground.Monsoon Camping with Big Red Tent 30 Monsoon Camping with Big Red Tent 31 Monsoon Camping with Big Red Tent 32 Monsoon Camping with Big Red Tent 33 Monsoon Camping with Big Red Tent 34 Monsoon Camping with Big Red Tent 35

Monsoon Camping with Big Red Tent 25 Monsoon Camping with Big Red Tent 26 Monsoon Camping with Big Red Tent 27 Monsoon Camping with Big Red Tent 28 Monsoon Camping with Big Red Tent 29

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