The outdoors are sweeter when you remember to carry the basic stuff, and then something to give that homely touch!

Prepare yourself for Winter camping at Big Red Tent with the tips below!

Carry the Essentials

  • Odomos spray
  • Warm & comfortable clothing along with pull over/jackets etc.
  • A water bottle (Yes, they can be refilled at the campground)
  • Toiletries (Towel, toothbrush, etc)
  • Flashlight
  • Footwear - Shoes for nature walks & night trails and comfortable flip flops/slippers while you are at the camp
  • Personal medication, if any.

Camping Activity Stuff

  • That book you brought a while ago and never got the chance to read
  • Camera
  • Board games, poker sets etc.
  • Sketching/drawing material
  • Outdoor games equipment (Badminton, frisbee, football etc)
  • Binoculars for bird watching
  • Your acoustic musical instrument (Guitar, flute, bongo etc)
  • Any outdoor gear you bought, but never had the chance to actually use!

For between the meals

  • Biscuits, light snacks and sandwiches
  • Fruits
  • Cooler/Icebox with ice!
  • Aerated drinks or fruit juices
  • Chocolates for dessert
  • If you choose to prepare the BBQ by yourself and NOT from us, then you should carry some marinated food items! (We will provide you with the grills at an additional charge of Rs.300 per grill)

Camp Discipline

  • TENT ETIQUETTE (You will be fined for the damage caused by disobeying these rules.)
  • Strictly no footwear and NO eating, drinking, cooking or smoking in the Tent.
  • Don't put any weight on the tent (clothes or anything else) - the tent poles can snap under even a little vertical weight.
  • Pay extra attention to tent zippers - they are quite delicate and they keep the mosquitoes out
  • Please take care of the tent and keep it clean it is your “room” in the outdoors.
  • Take in the outdoors, but keep wild creatures outside by making sure your tents are zipped up at all times.
General Rules
  • Silent hours are in effect post 11:00pm. Keep your voice down. Remember sound travels far in open spaces. Please observe silent hours.
  • Please use the nearest trashcans for EVERYTHING.
  • Please ensure that you leave your campsite neat & tidy for the next campers. Ask for garbage bags if you require them!
  • Please point out to the nearest helper if you are unhappy with the toilet cleanliness.
  • Please also follow toilet etiquette since you are not the only persons using the toilets.
  • Please respect others privacy and do not trespass on other people’s sites.
  • Playing music at the campground is usually not permissible. Please be mindful of the fellow camper’s experience.
  • Please drive very slowly and carefully in the farm and campground premises.
  • DO NOT SMOKE close to any dry grass. This is a fire hazard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the provision for toilets and showers at camp?
We have western flush toilets and running water showers (no geyser) at all our campgrounds. The toilets are common but maintained clean. The sanitation facilities are a keen focus for us to maintain to high standards.

What do you provide in your meals?
We have a detailed description of meal possibilities at camp. Please click here

How do we dress for winters at camp?
During winters, it is best to carry warm and comfortable clothes to save you from the winter chills. Carry comfortable footwear for stay as well as for walks/treks etc.

Is it okay to bring kids to camp? What age group?
Camping is fun for kids of all ages. They love tents and rolling in the grass! We have had even toddlers at camp. The parents need to be mindful of the kids and monitor them.

Is there an Ice box / Fridge at the campgrounds?
We have the refrigerators at all our campgrounds however please check if it can be used before your trip.

Are there any local supplies available around camp?
Local supplies are far from all the campgrounds. It is not convenient to just step out and get something. Try and prepare as much as you can from the city itself and speak with the hosts if you need anything special.