5 Treks and Trails around BRT SH92

When the trails about and nature is bountiful – its hard to decide which way to go. There is only one way
go with your heart. its that simple

1. The amba river is just a amble away from the campground. You can swim, splash, chill and enjoy the current
2. A short drive and trek through the forest gets us to an almost private very secluded rock pool which can be enjoyed the year around!
3. There is a seasonal (monsoon) waterfall at a 40 min simple trail through fields. The trek, the waterfall, especially with a heady drizzle to egg us on is a gorgeous outing.
4. The fort Mrugagad is accessible for those with a penchant for trekking. The trek is about to 6 hours round trip.
5. For the more hardcore trek enthusiasts, there are several treks around the campground which lead to different points in lonavala within 4-6 hours of trekking. We will need to work out a pickup at lonavala to get you back to the campground or onward.

To know more about SH92 (Khopoli) campground kindly click here

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