Big Red Tent is a young exuberant camping company that runs campgrounds around Maharashtra. We have been promoting stays under the stars since 2009 and have serviced over 15000 campers. The company prides itself in promoting a genuine need of the times today – to connect with nature and the serenity of the outdoors.

Big Red Tent is a small team working very closely with the promoters and partners. All employees are expected to adapt to a dynamic environment as we experiment and develop new ways to connect with potential campers and be their partners in their outdoor excursions. To us every employee is a face of Big Red Tent in everything that (s)he does. Hence it’s a great place to see your ideas through!

Of course every so often you get to go camping for free, laze in the hammocks and float in a river in solitude under the open skies. But its all in a days work!

Big Red Tent is looking for a profiles in Social Media and Business Development. But only apply if you are looking for work with a large dash of fun.

If you think its needed to break the rules every now and then and if you’re excited about the outdoors and are crazy about sharing the feel, Big Red Tent may be your perfect fit!

We are a camping company founded in 2009 with a dream to make the outdoors exciting for everyone. Six years in, we share this dream with hundreds that have experienced gushing waterfalls, climbed mountains and gazed at the stars with us.

Lets chat over a cup of coffee, it may be more fun than you think!

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